Fiber Cabling

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What type of cabling or wiring service do you need?
Opening a new officeUpgrading an existing officeExpanding an existing officeOther (please specify):

When do you need the work completed?
ASAPWithin a few weeksWithin a few months

How many locations or drops will you need to connect to the network?
Please Note: Locations or drops include employee workstations as well as common area applications such as fax machines and conference phones
Unsure, but at least 530-495-950-6910-1470-9915-19100-19920-29

What type of connections will you need at most of the workstations?
Both data & phoneData onlyPhone onlyNot sure

What is the required bandwidth speed for your network?
Less than 1 GigabyteMore than 1 GigabyteNot sure

Will you need to connect multiple floors within your office?
No - one floor onlyYes - one floor onlyNot sure

What additional products/services do you need?
( please check all that apply )
Fiber opticsWall rackPhone systemPatching panelFloor rackOther (please specify):

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